Our company motto is “Creating Value”

We work hard for creating value for our customers, for our company, for our partners, for the development and sustainability of the world, but most of all, for our employees because our employees are Electra IC’s most valuable asset.

We strive to invest in helping them achieve their personal and financial goals. Thus, our benefits are detailly designed to enhance our employees’ physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing.

  Financial Wellbeing

  • Base salary + additional payments
    • We set the salaries above the market average. Salaries are adjusted two times a year concerning inflation rates. On top of this, you may have an additional raise according to your promotion.
  • Restaurant card
    • You will have a restaurant card that will be valid in many restaurants, cafes, patisseries, supermarkets.
  • Transportation allowance
    • You have the choice of receiving a transportation allowance if you do not prefer to use shuttles in our İstanbul Headquarters.
  • Company mobile phone number
    • You can transfer your existing mobile number invoice to the company selected GSM operator or request a new mobile phone number. The invoice will be paid by the company.
  • Social Security Compensation during long sick leaves
    • During a long sick leave, the difference between Social Security payment and your normal net salary will be compensated.
  • Gift check for marketing activity contributions
    • If you write a whitepaper to be published on our website or submit a technical paper to a conference and get accepted or publish a technical book relevant to our business focus or deliver a webinar you will receive a gift check as a thank you to your contribution to our marketing activities.
  • Candidate referral program
    • You will receive a gift check if you refer a candidate to ELECTRA IC and he/she is hired.
  • A Gift on your special days
    • It will be our pleasure to offer you a small celebration gift on your special days (marriage/baby)

  Flexibility and Time off


  Work Environment

  Health and Wellness

  Career and Personal Development

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