IP & Tool Management Platform provider.

The mission of D&R Services is to enable the efficient operation of IP businesses.  As part of that mission, D&R provides IP cataloguing services on its public web portal that are updated in real time and available worldwide, 24 hours a day. It also provides “private” catalogs where data from 3rd party IP vendors is automatically sent to client company intranets through their firewalls to support their internal designers. D&R also provides Foundry Gateways for disseminating accurate IP maturity information on hard IP for specific process nodes.

D&R Products - Enterprise IP Management System (IPMS)

Developed based on knowledge and experience acquired through over 15 years of working in the IP industry, D&R offers a unique industry solution for managing external and internal IP in an enterprise.

The Java-based modular platform supports an extensible and configurable set of management actions that covers all facets of IP management, including publishing, client delivery and reuse for Internally developed IP, and multiple aspects of managing Externally Sourced IP such as usage tracking, revision control, and licensing.

Runs on any O.S ( Windows,Unix Linux..) and machine/server.

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