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    We are looking for an Embedded Software Design / Linux Engineer with proven embedded software design skills to join our expanding team. You will be part of a strong team working on embedded product development projects.



    • Analyse the required customer requirements and interact with the customer for the system design.
    • Research and examine possible technologies, CPU architectures, standards and protocols.
    • Work closely with the hardware team to decide on the CPU and determine the hardware architecture.
    • Design the software architecture accompanied by proper documentation.
    • Develop protocol stacks and layers based on real-time requirements.
    • Integrate 3rd party software packages if necessary.
    • Test and debug the developed stacks, protocols and algorithms.
    • Develop built-in test board diagnostics software packages.
    • Use a Simulator / Emulator / Debugger and Test Equipment while developing and testing the software design.
    • Integrate the software with the hardware and work very closely with the hardware design engineer.
    • Interact with the customer for system integration, and resolve and fix problems.
    • Support the product on the field under service during its lifetime.


    Required Skills:

    • BS degree in Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering or Communication Engineering (MS degree is a plus).
    • Proven 5+ years of experience in Embedded Software Development on Linux RTOS.
    • C/C++ programming including knowledge of coding styles, development tools and debugging skills.
    • Hands-on development experience in ARM Architecture and/or RISC-V Architecture
    • Hard & Soft Real Time Embedded C/C++ software implementation.
    • Familiarity with RTOS (Real-Time OS) and Embedded Programming concepts.
    • Experience with Linux environment and GNU / Linux compile & build toolsets.
    • Experience with Linux kernel driver development, bootloader customization and U-boot.
    • Experience with Network and Data Communication protocols, tools, and libraries (Switching & Routing Protocols etc.)
    • Development experience with TCP/IP, UDP, Ethernet, UART, SPI, I2C, RS-232/422/485, CAN and USB protocols.
    • Understanding of code branching/merging strategies and build release management.
    • Experience with revision control systems, specifically GIT.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills for documentation and reporting in English and Turkish.
    • Strong communication skills for customer interaction.
    • Fluent English language, spoken and written.


    Recommended Skills:

    • Experience with NXP i.MX, STM, TI and Raspberry CPUs.
    • Experience with creating and building custom embedded Linux OS (Yocto).
    • Experience with Python Programming.
    • Experience with QT Programming for Linux / X11.
    • Experience with Multicore and Heterogenous SoC Architectures.
    • Experience with Xilinx SoC FPGAs



    Preferred Candidate

    Years of Experience: More than 5 years of experience
    Military Status: Completed, Exempt
    Level of education: Bachelor's (Graduate), Master’s (Student), Master’s (Graduate), Doctorate (Student), Doctorate (Graduate)
    University Department: Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Eng., Electronics Engineering


    Position Information

    Company Industry: Defense Industry, Electric& Electronic, Engineering Services
    Job Role: Engineering
    Job Type : Permanent / Full-time
    Number of vacancies: Not Specified
    Job Location: İstanbul (Asya) (Pendik), Ankara





    You can send your resume to for Embedded Software Design Engineer position.

    Sanayi Mah. Teknopark Bulvarı
    No:1/9A 203 34906 - Pendik / Istanbul
    Coordinates: 40.9198684, 29.3152699
    Phone: +90 216 912 0167
    Fax: +90 216 912 0168
    Mustafa Kemal Mah. Dumlupınar Bulvarı, Mahall Ankara B Blok 18. Kat No: 203 06530 – Çankaya / Ankara
    Coordinates: 39.9084058,32.7505028
    Phone: +90 312 429 0067
    Fax: +90 312 429 0067
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