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Embedded Systems and Software Design-ElectraIC

We can design an embedded system as a part of a complete device system that includes hardware, such as electrical and mechanical components. The embedded system is unlike the general-purpose computer, which is engineered to manage a wide range of processing tasks. Because an embedded system is engineered to perform certain tasks only, we may optimize size, cost, power consumption, reliability and performance. Embedded systems require different kinds of software design philosophy and disciplines where real-time performance, responsiveness, robustness, resiliency, cost, power and memory budgets are the main vital parameters. 

  • Embedded Systems and Software Design, What can we do for you?-ElectraIC
    What can we do for you?


    For EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, ElectraIC takes the ownership of;

    • Understand your embedded system and generate the requirements document
    • Build the Design Architecture and Verification Plan Documents
    • Design the circuit board by selecting the necessary descrete components (Schematic Generation)
    • Coding of the FPGA and/or processor inside the embedded system
    • Design and manufacturing the mechanical parts and the PCB cards
    • Integration tests and delivery of the final product to you.


    For EMBEDDED SOFTWARE DESIGN, ElectraIC takes the ownership of;

    • Functional requirements study and analysis
    • Performance requirements study and analysis
    • Technology research
    • Technical solution alternatives investigation
    • Chip, technology, SoC, CPU, GPU, Accelerator, real-time operating system selection and pre-work
    • Pre-simulation and real-time performance analysis for the most critical functional blocks
    • Detailed solution documentation
    • Protocol and standards study
    • Software architecture design
    • Detailed simulations
    • Software functional design documentation
    • Software development & coding
    • Integration of RTOS and newly introduced chipsets
    • Hardware software integration
    • Inter-layer software integration
    • 3rd party software integration
    • Functional tests
    • System and laboratory tests
    • Performance and stress tests
    • Field tests, problem solving and optimization
    • Software release
    • Field support and problem solving during the product lifecycle
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