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Advanced Verification-ElectraIC

Advanced Verification in IC design means using latest verification methodologies like UVM, UVVM, OSVVM. Our team has the experience of using those methodologies not only in FPGA design of aerospace and defense projects but also in ASIC design verification projects.


We will generate verification metrics and report them back to you such that you will have proofs about the quality of the verification environement. The confidence level of your design will gradually increase as we present you the code coverage metrics such as statements, branches, FSMs, conditions, expressions in your design code. Functional coverage metrics will also be provided such that you can see how much of your design requirements are covered.

  • Advanced Verification, What can we do for you?-ElectraIC
    What can we do for you?

    ELECTRA IC takes the ownership of;

    • Building/reveiwing your design requirements
    • Generating the Verification Plan according to the requirements
    • Building the verification environment using your preferred verification methodology
    • Implementing the test cases according to the Verification Plan
    • Analysing code coverage and functional coverage and capturing improvement points in the verification
    • Building new test cases or modifying existing test cases to increase coverage metrics and finalizing the verification project.
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