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Our core competence is Digital IC Design. Hence, we have extensive experience working in ASIC/FPGA or PCB design projects. Just provide us with the system specification, and we can design and verify the ASIC/FPGA and/or PCB. If needed, we can do the mechanical design and production and deliver you the final product.

  • ASIC/FPGA/HW, ASIC Design & Verification Services-ElectraIC
    ASIC Design & Verification Services

    ELECTRA IC has taken many roles, from system design to sign-off for tape-out in ASIC projects. Some examples are WiFi, BT, and ADSL.

    • Requirements capture
    • Requirements tracing during the whole ASIC design flow
    • RTL Coding
    • Functional Simulation
      • Directed Tests
      • Random Tests using SystemVerilog / UVM
    • Formal Verification
    • Synthesis
    • DFT Insertion
    • STA for hand-off to backend team or sign-off for tape-out
    • FPGA prototyping for your ASIC
    • Supply Chain Management: We have the right contacts all over the world to place your design in an MPW or a similar cost-effective solution.
  • ASIC/FPGA/HW, IP/VIP Design-ElectraIC
    IP/VIP Design

    IP/VIP Design

    We can help you to build your IP or VIP. You will keep all the IP/VIP rights.

    Tool Evaluation

    Having used many major ASIC and FPGA tools on the market for years, we have been in many tool evaluation projects. We can offload this tedious work from you and can evaluate a tool taking into account your requirements. We can generate professional scorecards such that you can compare different tools easily.

    IP Evaluation

    Having worked with many multinational global semiconductor companies, we have been in many make-it or buy-it decision processes. We know how to evaluate an IP and can do that for you taking into account your project needs.


    Contact us for your special ASIC, FPGA and PCB training needs. We will provide you the right training for your needs.

  • ASIC/FPGA/HW, PCB Design & Verification Services-ElectraIC
    PCB Design & Verification Services

    Starting from your requirements we can take the responsibility to build the right PCB for you.

    • Schematic Design
    • Schematic Verification
    • Stack-up Design
    • Layout
    • Signal Integrity Analysis
    • PCB Production & Assembly
    • PCB Tests
  • ASIC/FPGA/HW, FPGA Design & Verification Services-ElectraIC
    FPGA Design & Verification Services

    We have completed many FPGA projects successfully

    • Requirements capture
    • Requirements tracing during the whole FPGA design flow
    • RTL Coding
    • Functional Simulation
      • Directed Tests
      • Random Tests using SystemVerilog / UVM
    • Formal Verification
    • Place & Route
    • FPGA Validation in our lab
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